The technology of embroidery patch

  1. Computerized Embroidery: Computerized embroidery machines use digital files to create intricate and detailed designs on fabric. The machines use multiple needles and thread colors to create the design, making it possible to create complex designs quickly and accurately.
  2. Hand Embroidery: Hand embroidery is the traditional method of creating embroidery patches. This method involves using a needle and thread to create the design by hand. Hand embroidery can be time-consuming but allows for a high level of detail and customization.
  3. Applique: Applique is a method of attaching a fabric cutout onto a garment or accessory. The cutout is usually a different color or texture from the garment, creating a layered effect. Applique patches can be created using both computerized embroidery machines and hand embroidery.
  4. Laser Cutting: Laser cutting technology is used to cut out intricate shapes and designs from fabric with precision. This technology can be used to create patches with intricate designs that would be difficult to create using traditional methods.
  5. Sublimation Printing: Sublimation printing is a digital printing process that uses heat to transfer ink onto fabric. This process can be used to create vibrant and detailed designs on patches.

Overall, the technology used to create embroidery patches varies depending on the desired design, quantity, and level of customization required.