The types of embroidery patch

There are various types of embroidery patches available, each with its own unique features and uses. Here are some common types of embroidery patches:
  1. Iron-on patches: These patches come with a heat-activated adhesive backing that can be easily attached to garments or accessories using a household iron. Iron-on patches are great for adding a quick, temporary embellishment to clothing.
  2. Sew-on patches: These patches have no adhesive backing and need to be sewn onto the garment using a needle and thread. Sew-on patches are more permanent than iron-on patches and are suitable for items that will be washed or exposed to wear and tear.
  3. Velcro-backed patches: These patches have a hook-and-loop Velcro backing that allows them to be easily attached and removed from clothing or accessories. Velcro-backed patches are ideal for situations where the patch needs to be frequently changed or removed.
  4. Chenille patches: Chenille patches are made using a special type of thread that creates a fuzzy, textured effect. These patches are commonly used for sports team logos and designs.
  5. Woven patches: Woven patches are made using a loom and are more intricate and detailed than embroidered patches. They are thinner and more flexible, making them ideal for items that require a more subtle and lightweight patch.
  6. Printed patches: Printed patches are made using a digital printing process that allows for intricate and detailed designs to be printed onto a patch. These patches are lightweight and perfect for designs with small details or multiple colors.

Overall, embroidery patches come in a variety of styles and options, each with their own benefits and uses.